A Little About Me

Lisa WoolfI’m Lisa, a Jersey girl who long ago found her way across the country to Northern California and who has stayed put ever since.   I’m the Mom of two perfectly wonderful children in their twenties who are both amazingly well adjusted, intelligent, and happy despite the crazy Mother they’ve been saddled with.  Mr. W. has been my long-suffering husband for more than eight years, and let’s just say his sense of humor and Connecticut bred understanding of Jersey girls is the key to the fact that we still speak.  We’ve rounded out our household with Chaucer, quite possibly the most dignified and kind dog I’ve ever loved, and Lily, quite possibly the most needy and babied dog I’ve ever loved.  Their copious amounts of fur join together and float across our floors in a teasing dance that causes this obsessively neat woman an awful lot of strife.

California was a dream of mine ever since my first visit when I was about ten years old.  It just seemed like sheer perfection, with its sunny weather, friendly people, and that great smell that I still love so much – a mixture of ocean, eucalyptus, jasmine, and strong coffee.  And so, after college and a few years working in Manhattan, I jumped in a car and drove to San Francisco.  And oh boy I’m a Californian!  I really love it here, it’s turned out to be pretty much everything I thought it would, and although I love to visit the East Coast whenever I can, I’m always thrilled to come home and drive over that golden bridge.

But, what I’ve realized over the years is that tucked deep inside me is a real love of most things Jersey – and that’s not going away.  Maybe part of it comes from defending my home state for so many years, but I also like the edge it gives me out here in the capital of mellow.

So, that’s me.  I love my family, near and far.  Laughing really hard – tears down the face hard.  Truly great friends.  Hugging my kids.  Travel.  Movies.  Driving through vineyards and drinking the end product.  Walking around my City By The Bay.  Jazz, well really pretty much all music.  Fresh flowers.  Fog.  And seeing the world through slightly cynical Jersey eyes.

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