Loving Lily

Any discussion of loving Ruby has to start with a story of loving Lily. My father used to say that one needed to replace beloved pets quickly, because the love you felt needed a place to go. I realize not everyone feels that way, and whatever works for you is what’s right. But our beloved Lily, one of the prettiest, goofiest, most loving Golden Retrievers left an enormous hole when she departed this earth. In one short, horrible week she went from the Lily we had always known to a very sick dog. Making the decision to let pets go is never easy, but the veterinarian told me to look deeply into her eyes – he said my answer would be there, and it was. We stayed with her until the end and her tail never stopped wagging. “Ahhh the Goldens and the Labradors – their tails wag until their hearts stop,” said the vet sadly. I’ve had many dogs in my life and loved them all, but Lily was really something special – she and I were inseparable – she lay by my desk all day every day. With my two kids up and out of the house she became my empty nest dog. I adored her, plain and simple. I will miss her every day for the rest of my life. But the heart expands to encompass many beings in our lives and mine just grew a bit to take in Ruby.IMG_5618

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