Italian Musings — Roman Likes And Dislikes


Of course, my Roman”likes” could go on ad infinitum, but here are a few that stand out…


~ The incredible, pervasive sense of history in every corner of the city – oh sure there’s the Colosseum, the Forum, the Pantheon – but the tiny details are almost more impressive.IMG_4444





~ The Italians in general have effortless style, and the men in Rome REALLY know how to dress!


~ The solitude and quiet beauty of the endless churches, often smack in the middle of the craziest parts of this fast-paced city.
Basilica di Santa Maria sopra Minerva

~ The pasta – Oh My God the pasta!IMG_4518


~ The taxi drivers – with a very limited and (for me at least) confusing public transportation system, taxis are plentiful and fairly priced. The drivers are unbelievable – friendly, funny, and the world’s greatest tour guides. They really love their city!



~ Disbelief that the narrowest of streets, with barely room for one standard sized car to navigate, are almost all two-way thoroughfares! Add in an almost total lack of sidewalks and the tendency of most restaurants to throw a line or two of tables into the street, and you have what looks to be an accident of epic proportions waiting to happen!IMG_4617

~ Large tour groups. In truth this isn’t really Rome’s fault, but vast groups of tourists led by a flag carrying leader showing little or no recognition that there are in fact, say, other art lovers in the Vatican Museum can really ruin the experience.

~ The near death experience of the pedestrian in Rome. I‘ve traveled quite a bit and I have never feared for my life so frequently when trying to get across major streets. A good friend recommends waiting for a woman pushing a baby stroller and travel across with her. I personally waited until a crowd of ten or more had gathered, figuring my odds were improved.

Grand Hotel de la Minerve

When all is said and done, with a rooftop Spritz in hand, I couldn’t love Rome more…


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